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Edit feature, categories, etc. Post your thoughts, eh? Personally, I like 'em.
Oh wow, just now noticed the edit feature - nice! That'll definitely get a lot of use.

As for the categories, those'll take some getting used to, but then LCC took some getting used to as well.
Only thing about the edit feature is if people decide to fix their older entries, you can't see how they've improved or anything. But that's not a biggie.

I love the categories myself, but I agree that they'll take a while to become the norm, haha.
Yeah, that'll bite if people do that - but it'll be nice not to have to complete a piece solely in one sitting. That's how I intend to use it, anyhow.

Too bad there isn't some kind of "work in progress" setting you could place on an entry, which would effectively hide it from the public until you're completely finished (although it might be cool to see how an individual entry evolves over time.)
Yeah, that's how I intend to use it as well. HO HO HO, no more rushing them for meeeee.

Haha, I said that same thing to X-Ray-Glasses. But that's true, seeing a person's work progess could be nifty.
Hell yeah, edit feature??
I haven't been to Tegaki much this month. I'll have to check it out XD
Hell yessssss. :D

I have yet to test out the edit feature, but I was digging the upload buttons on the new entry page. The categories are nice, but navigating between tags and group tags right now kind of sucks. Hopefully tewi will make it easier soon.

I also miss the LCC at the bottom of the main page, but I also like now it's easier to see LCC (for the people that don't even know about it :|) and you can see more entries this way.
I didn't know there was an edit button until Saosis told me! :'D I'm so happy! No longer will I have to rush to finish before bed! Oh, God. TT^TT So happy~~
Haha, I'm happy about it.
Also, save feature! Huzzah.
Less WIPs now.

I like the edit especially because I'm the kind of person who'll forget ONE thing and then submit. It happens to me all the time. Dx
The first thing I did was edit a picture I drew where I somehow managed to draw Sora holding a key blade..without the damned blade on it.

To me, Tegaki E no longer needs updates.
(Deleted comment)
And that was Yubi in "80% of the posts on Tegaki." Give her a hand, folks! Come back next week when Yubi will be performing "Why People On The Internet Think Other People On The Internet Care What Is In My Purse."
I have been dying for an edit feature for AGES!!!!!!1 I love it. I've had vista screw up on me many times and tons of my drawings are safety saves. NOW I CAN FINISH THEM! :DDDDDDD