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so uh - hello -
gosh what am I here to say again 


oh yes hello! I'm using this tegaki group for the gain of my group but it's joint and has impatiently waiting members so the gain is not entirely personal in that sense. it still will give me a lovely warm fuzzy feeling if people notice this though so there I'm being selfish in the end haw haw good god I ramble.

GOLDEN OCEAN BATTLE NEEDS YOU (and your friends too)

we are a literate, activity-required rp group that tries to be the happy medium between massive orgies and the more high end groups. (mainly because I am too much of a doormat to put my foot down on quality control ohoh)

however we've had quite a few members who after joining have slithered off in the hope no one will notice them missing. unfortunately as players are set in teams that require all members to interact and be active, this doesn't fly! so wer'e constantly juggling a stream of disappearing members and trying to get some new ones to fill their places.

I'm not sure how many people on this lj thing actually roleplay but if you know anyone, ANYONE who would be interested in having a look seriously this is me rolling around on the ground asking you to pass this shiney tidbit onto them.


also what do you all think of the people who are asking for layers? I like the challenge of having none, but this is making me slightly a hypocrite as I shook my head at the people who threw fits over opacity. I suppose if layers ever came to tegaki, if I didn't want to use them, I wouldn't have to kinda thing. WHAT ABOUT YOU?
also am I the only one who wants a larger colour palette/colour wheel/colour hex code selector? and the ability to lock a colour onto the temporary palette?


also grr I am always forgetting to check the lcc page now it goes right out of my head and then I realize I've missed someone asking for art trades.

I agree that tegaki shouldn't branch out into layers.
it's a great challenge!

and I want more colors too c:
(Deleted comment)
never heard that expression before!
(Deleted comment)
yeaah eyedropper's nice but for me personally not having one is teaching me to learn to distinguish between similar colours better :>

though it would help!
Plus with an eyedropper it'd be too hard to get the exact same color when you need to be consistant (sorry for butting in the conversation)
But see, with opacity, it's now unfortunately possible to create colours that aren't in the palette. With an eyedropper, we could mix colours like in painting and keep a palette and it would be AMAZING.
yeah it gets so annoying when you have a bit of a picture you need to touch up is coloured through opacity and you have to erase and try and get the same colour again and ...
Ah yeah, I forgot about this =/ if we could lock the colors in the palette it would work well!
I like Tegaki as is. :3
I like the lack of layers. It would pretty much be oekaki if it did have them. :/

I think it would be kind of neat to have separate little colour palettes that allow for a bit more variety on certain shades like earth tones. Mixing colours with opacity is too tricky for me. OTL

I think rainbow colours like tegaki j would be fun too.