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I just did a really great drawing and  you've decided to be royally screwed up.
EDIT: put behind a cut. >____>

I've been doing a lot of LCC entries and realism kinda stuff.

I just can't draw as usual and it's bumming me out.
My favorite picture was the one of me and the Easy Bake Oven having a tea party.
I wanna draw like that again.

Here's where I end my tiny discussion of how I feel and ask a question. lawl.

What do you do when you're having a weird art block or something? Or like..
I dunno, have any advice to get me into drawing like I used to again?
Tegakieer seeking help.
So, these groups...
How do you even go about joining them? I'm not trying to do so, but I was wondering if there's some kind of new feature I missed or something in the 1month+ period of time I was gone. Personal messaging or some shit.

Or do you just wait until one starts up and pounce?

I think these groups/RPs are a much better fad than batons, though; at least they encourage art and not spam. @___@
Yeah. I'm addicted to Tegaki like a crackhead is addicted to... well, crack. I'm suffering from withdrawal! Okay, no I'm not. Just being dramatic. Hardy, har, har.

Still miss going on there though. I miss everything that goes on on Tegaki. ._.; It's the first website I go onto when I am allowed on the computer. (Using the school computer as we speak).

I just realized that depending how early I get out of my apartment in the morning, affects what time I get to school. THEN, I could go use the library's computers to reply to Tegaki! :D Isn't that spectacular? :B Still can't go on DA though. That's a bitch...



Send me a message at either darkketsueki@yahoo.com or jashindamnit@yahoo.com 

Or text me at (909) 974-9713. Just never call my cell phone and tell me who you are and where I met you. :)

Much love my friends! <3
So how long has it been down this morning? :o
There's so many now @.@
DG, Mafia, Paranoia Health Clinic and all that.
I haven't joined anything, hurhur~
But I like stalking Suddenly and The Blitz Brigade for the lulz~

So who's joined or is leading groups?
Or is all alone~ xD
;; Oh Tegaki, wry. </3 Time to sit and hope IE doesn't randomly crash~ Anyone else here sitting on the send button?
In the Tegaki rules, it clearly states.

"It is against the rules to impede upon the enjoyment of Tegaki for others".

'Course, we all know none of them read these rules.

I'm here because Tegaki is once again overloaded with bullshit. And it's not just LCC either. (For those of you who weren't there, a bunch of immature kids got on Tegaki, and posted penis, swastikas, and 'Nigger' constantly, spamming the index, and causing the sight to crash temporarily.)

I just tried to post a kick ass picture of Kaioshin from DBZ, and I couldn't because of those asstards... Man, I am pissed.

And I'm glad. The reason being: if the sight is down, those bums can't post anymore, and they'll lose interest after seeing the internet crapping out on them. :)


Also, I just wanted to get a general opinion on this (also known as POLL TIME!1!). Would you want a favourites system for Tegaki? Do you think it's necessary, or that it would just create drama?