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I've been doing a lot of LCC entries and realism kinda stuff.

I just can't draw as usual and it's bumming me out.
My favorite picture was the one of me and the Easy Bake Oven having a tea party.
I wanna draw like that again.

Here's where I end my tiny discussion of how I feel and ask a question. lawl.

What do you do when you're having a weird art block or something? Or like..
I dunno, have any advice to get me into drawing like I used to again?
Tegakieer seeking help.
I...generally just wait for it to pass. In the meantime, I put down whatever - and I mean whatever, no matter how small - ideas I have down on paper in the form of a doodle or notes or whatever. I also listen to a lot of music during this sort of thing. |Db

Hope you pull out of it soon!
Hmm, well sometimes I get frustrated from trying to draw nice or however it is I want to, and then I decided that if I can't, then I wont, and I go draw something that isn't efforted or good looking. It's simple and not perfect at all and I'm happier because I was able to finish something that was close to how I wanted it to look. :B That bit helps sometimes if I'm over-thinking things.
Otherwise, take a break or keep going 'til ya get it. :D