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I'm Luminance on tegaki! I play Lueali and Arinae/Masrae/buttface/whatever-you-wanna-call-her in DrowLove. If you don't know me from that, I guess I'm sort of a troll sometimes, um, on accident, because I tell the spammers to move it to LCC and post links to art websites (drawright.com, drawingforce.com, and sovek.com, usually) on the BAAAAW I CAN'T DRAW posts.

I found this community because absolutely no one from DrowLove is online right now, my school is closed, and I am incredibly bored and started browsing LJ. :B

So, for the purposes of making this more than a stupid intro post, let's talk about **~RP GROUPS~**

As far as we can tell, DrowLove is the first RP group on Tegaki E, one of the smallest, and the only one with a linear plot and comments/replies that are not black and white talking chibi heads. We find this completely puzzling, especially since we have gotten a LOT of people asking to join DrowLove! Unfortunately, we didn't really design it to work with a large number of people, so we've been turning them towards some of the nicer groups (IMO, Flint Ridge, GOB, and VS seem to have the best art and biggest chance of a linear storyline).

Recently we've come across the idea of setting up a large-scale, heavily moderated linear game. Like... I see groups taking apps, but everyone gets accepted regardless of art quality, RP skill, or, well, anything. While that gives everyone nice warm fuzzies, it sort of ends up with all the groups I've seen having this very odd feel of endlessly introducing people to each other, and then pairing up and RPing out scribbly sex scenes or whatever.

If that's your idea of fun, you are in luck, sir, because there's two million games like that. XD; But for those of us who'd like a serious storyline with good art, tegaki is a bit lacking!


We're putting together two games, a pseudo-medieval fantasy, and a futuristic/scifi game.

The fantasy game is actually a revisionist take on Mario, of all things. It's called Teremo, and all that's up right now is three filler images, a map, and the wiki. It's been slow going, getting everything together, but we're hoping to be open for apps when my winter break starts, which is in like, three weeks, oh god. I'm also realizing that the stuff I've written makes it sound like another THIS VS THAT sort of RP, which it really isn't.

The scifi game is called Orange Star City and it's still being put together as well. AFAIK it's a totally original universe, you can read about it right over here. I'm not as closely involved in this one, but I think there's a thread up for asking questions if people are interested.

Both RPs use generally the same format, which was pretty much made up by DrowLove, I guess. We're trying to get everything nailed down like it is in, you know, d20 system or t2 or whatever. We're calling it "Tegaki Linear" because we are super creative, and you can read what we have so far over here.

I'd absolutely love feedback on any of this, and if anyone else wants to start a linear game using the linear format, please let me know so I can link you!

In conclusion, I talk too much. :D
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lol yubi is better at writing things than me.

NAME: Loomey
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5'4"
FAV. COLOUR: rainbows! blue rainbows!
FAV. ANIMAL: kitties

Do you know me like, totally way better now?!???
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lol, I picked up this skill in high school, as evidenced on the Teremo wiki where I write encyclopaedic articles on D&D Mario.

We once had an essay question, "Why is it important to have a list of references?"

My answer: "It is important to have a list of references, because you need to be able to list your references. Without a list of references, you will have no references to list from your list of references."

I got a C+. True story.
I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed your response to the essay, gave a dorky chuckle, and have decided that you deserved a higher grade.
XD haha, thank you! That's what you get when you don't study, I suppose! Oh, high school. I don't miss you one little bit.
Yeahhh, hmm, you put it in a nice way: "why so serious about doodle blog website groups."

Roleplaying. Playing a role. Simple as that. I can do it all by myself, roleplaying 2 different characters. There are no needs for rules. It's still RP. Since I don't have much experience, I don't want to jump into "serious rp". If I wanted to do that, I'd join some epic group IRL, go on conventions, play D&D, or (I prefer) a White Wolf game. Though I'd rather play Fallout 2 =P (and heeey, it's non-linear and open-ended <3 ...I usually avoid linear like the plague)

Yes I do dislike the fact that most RP groups on Tegaki are filled with Mary Sues or emo gay boys from 13 year olds (I can't stand the yaoi =/). Or demons in human bodies. Or Lucy/Nyu carbon copies. But there's not all there is. There are some characters there that I've fallen in love with (no, not like that XD). I even made fanart for Zheida and Sinzyu, they have the most adorable characters ever there. Their art is not super detailed, but it's so charismatic, even when it turns to OOC humor and *gasp* floating chibi heads. You can just tell how much love was put into them.
I also can't say you guys look good talking about this and that having crappy art. Sorry, it just sounds snobbish. I prefer some of what you'd call "bad art" over, er, any Drow Love art, for so many reasons (no offense, just being honest). If I was taking apps, as long as it's not mouse art (that could ruin your wrist... I already ruin my fingers by using the tablet too much) I'd accept it.

I also do wish people would think their characters through sometimes, I have "plans" of development for one OC I have there, but not likely to happen if I can't talk things out with anyone else, since things don't seem.. well, headed to happen, really. It just won't work if no one else is part of it. But anyway... Nothing epic. No battles. (I barely have any fighting in any of my original stories, I don't like it much). Just silly human things =)