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Also, I just wanted to get a general opinion on this (also known as POLL TIME!1!). Would you want a favourites system for Tegaki? Do you think it's necessary, or that it would just create drama?
(Deleted comment)
That's a pretty good alternative, actually. Bookmarking with your browser has the same effect, but takes up space there.
Favorites? Like favoriting entries, like with DA? :B
Something like that! I was thinking more for the sake of keeping track of entries, which is why I liked where stfuchan's idea was going.
Ah, I see. :3 Not such a bad idea! Though it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to find em if ya have the person bookmarked. :3
If you mean being able to fave specific entries like you can fave art on DA, hell yes. It'd be awesome. There's lots of times when I wish I could fave something, especially if it's an entry of someone I don't have bookmarked; like if I just really like one of their entries.
Luckily some people also upload certain entries onto their DA, so I can fave it there.
Buuuut yeah, I agree with stfuchan, if it was private, like bookmarks, that'd be better. There are already enough people whining non-stop about how many people do or don't have them bookmarked or how many comments they get -_-;

/td;dr comment
Precisely! I think it would be pretty handy if they kept it private and everything.

See, that's the issue that I'm afraid would come up with this sort of feature. The situation with bookmarks and comments is bad enough - I can only imagine the resulting shitstorm if they implemented public favourites.
lol Yeah, it would be lulz-worthy for about... two minutes. Then get realllly old realllly fast.
*bites tongue to keep back rant on all the whining going on at Tegaki*
(Deleted comment)
That's why I was thinking about this sort of thing. It's tragic how fast everything gets buried/forgotten. Plus it's sort of ass trying to find that one post that caught your eye however long ago. ]: So yeah. Not necessary, but it would be pretty handy.