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There's so many now @.@
DG, Mafia, Paranoia Health Clinic and all that.
I haven't joined anything, hurhur~
But I like stalking Suddenly and The Blitz Brigade for the lulz~

So who's joined or is leading groups?
Or is all alone~ xD
There really are a lot of new groups. I can hardly keep track of them all!

Haha, I'm not in anything at the moment. |Db And I sort of plan to stay that way. It would make things a little complicated for me - I'm just here to doodle and socialize a bit, after all.
I just started the Tegaki United Assassins Association, but that's more for obscure fandom love and roleplay than anything. The UAA is part of a Wii game called No More Heroes. Pretty specific audience, we have. n.n
I'm also in the Tegaki UAA. I kind of don't have the attention span for these, but anything No More Heroes is worth my time. :B
Miss Christel approves of this. XD

D: But damn, we need a Travis in this.
Hells yeah, NMH. TvT

We really do need a Travis. He'd probably be fun as hell to play! Though a post about the UAA here is a good idea so we don't get ranking number issues any more.
I really wish Tegaki had a PM system. XD;

I have the FAQ linked in my blog, but the FAQ itself seems to be getting missed quite a bit.

>3> Yaknow you're welcome to apply for Mr. Touchdown, Silvia's already making enough passes at Thunder Bird as is. XD
I feel you, I also kind of miss the ability to check your comments on the front page. :|

You know, it would be easier if there was a tegaki entry that could be 'stickied' (like a forum post) to the top of a tag, so that way the FAQ itself can't get pushed back.

rofl! I don't know, I have a hard time making sure Tori stays active enough. But if no one takes Travis up within the next few days, I will give it a go!

And the likes the passes. Oh yeah. ;D

Edited at 2008-08-29 08:49 pm (UTC)
Such icon love to you. XD <3 NOW I POST MINE TO MAKE AN LJ ICON STORY.

Stickies would be awesome. I don't think the people running Tegaki realized it would take off as big as it did. Maybe in time....I'm praying for the safety save and edit to come soon, myself. @_@ Especially safety save.

Haha, Silvia is definitely not my first choice of character to RP, but she's needed for NPCing, so....hello learning experience. XD I'm fairly sure that nameless masked woman in lingerie with Death Metal in the official art is her. He has money, it makes sense....
And the icon story continues!

A safety save would be wonderful. I know I already have Firefox keeping me from accidentally closing the window but... just to temporarily save it would be nice. >_> Editing, too. Like an Oekaki.

You've done a pretty good job NPCing her so far! And I'm inclined to agree. DM is pretty damn pimp.

By the way, I'm friending you if you don't mind. :)
Not at all! :D Friended you back.

And Tegaki, she has exploded. ;;

Thank you for the encouragement on Silvia! Man, I love RPing NMH on Tegaki, finally~ XD

Damn, what happened to Tegaki? I was ogne all day so I wasn't around when it happened.

Oh yeah! I was just happy to see NMH stuff! That's how I found you on Tegaki, lolz. Came for the NHM fan art stayed for the porn talent. :B
I'm kind of tired of the sudden explosion of groups, but whatever amuses people, I guess.
I ignore most of them, though like you, I occassionally check the Blitzwhatevers and Suddenly to see if there's drama stirring.
I made DG, the anti-Mafia group. (:

...But then a week after I noticed Tegaki exploded with all these different groups. At first it was just too many Mafia profiles, and then profiles for my group, and then a bunch for Rangers and Olympics and other fads.

It's kind of a bummer, because it takes away my inspiration when it comes to leading my group, because it seems like just another group now, and even more so since there are other groups with the same sort of thing we're doing.
But I'm gonna keep going and try to make my group the best it can be. (: I'll make it last through all these fads and groups that'll disappear so it can be worth all that it's been so far. :3
Oh but hey, at least the baton fads aren't every other post anymore. Just a lot.... :B Fads always come and go, in a couple of weeks it'll be something else.
lol u used the riong icon FAIls plz
Hey come on you two stop all the fighting. I thought you were leading a group that was all about love?
Don't patronize me you maraca handler.
I plan to stay out of groups for the most part. D: I don't think I could keep up with them.
I'm from the NMH group...!
i'm in lemonwood academy & paranoia health clinic (which i may quit soon) and i find the former REALLY REALLY FUN!

though i do feel guilty for making other accounts and neglecting my main one u_u