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I just did a really great drawing and  you've decided to be royally screwed up.
EDIT: put behind a cut. >____>

I've been doing a lot of LCC entries and realism kinda stuff.

I just can't draw as usual and it's bumming me out.
My favorite picture was the one of me and the Easy Bake Oven having a tea party.
I wanna draw like that again.

Here's where I end my tiny discussion of how I feel and ask a question. lawl.

What do you do when you're having a weird art block or something? Or like..
I dunno, have any advice to get me into drawing like I used to again?
Tegakieer seeking help.
So, these groups...
How do you even go about joining them? I'm not trying to do so, but I was wondering if there's some kind of new feature I missed or something in the 1month+ period of time I was gone. Personal messaging or some shit.

Or do you just wait until one starts up and pounce?

I think these groups/RPs are a much better fad than batons, though; at least they encourage art and not spam. @___@
Yeah. I'm addicted to Tegaki like a crackhead is addicted to... well, crack. I'm suffering from withdrawal! Okay, no I'm not. Just being dramatic. Hardy, har, har.

Still miss going on there though. I miss everything that goes on on Tegaki. ._.; It's the first website I go onto when I am allowed on the computer. (Using the school computer as we speak).

I just realized that depending how early I get out of my apartment in the morning, affects what time I get to school. THEN, I could go use the library's computers to reply to Tegaki! :D Isn't that spectacular? :B Still can't go on DA though. That's a bitch...



Send me a message at either darkketsueki@yahoo.com or jashindamnit@yahoo.com 

Or text me at (909) 974-9713. Just never call my cell phone and tell me who you are and where I met you. :)

Much love my friends! <3
So how long has it been down this morning? :o
There's so many now @.@
DG, Mafia, Paranoia Health Clinic and all that.
I haven't joined anything, hurhur~
But I like stalking Suddenly and The Blitz Brigade for the lulz~

So who's joined or is leading groups?
Or is all alone~ xD
;; Oh Tegaki, wry. </3 Time to sit and hope IE doesn't randomly crash~ Anyone else here sitting on the send button?


Also, I just wanted to get a general opinion on this (also known as POLL TIME!1!). Would you want a favourites system for Tegaki? Do you think it's necessary, or that it would just create drama?
8| Would you be flattered or mildly annoyed that your art was completely referenced ("eyeballed") for someone else's post?

EDIT: And also apparently referenced a roleplay scenario you did previously? 8|